Hey! This site is under construction. If you would like to contact the owner of this site (sudo killall windows, or will if you prefer real names) use [email protected]
Since you still might want info about me here are some of my projects
Photograpy site - rokimages.com Stack: Python (Flask) Backend, Vanilla CSS, JS, HTML frontend.
SwitchModders (keyswitch stuff) - switchmodders.sudos.site Stack: Python (Flask) Backend, Flutter frontend
Taskboard Discord Bot - github.com/semc-labs/NexusAuroraTaskBoard Stack: NodeJS for logic, Supabase for DB
About Me:
I'm a student, I've loved coding from an early age. I am a project leader in the group Nexus Aurora, as well as a Council member (i make decisions). I'm comfortable with python, nodejs, js, and tailwind css.
Sorry for the bad site, remaking it!

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